The temperature-controlling accuracy of the computer developed by ourselves is far ahead in the industry of lab equipment, which ensures the little color difference between the samples or between the sample and the finished product, and the key technology is monopolized by us. Our Infrared Sample Dyeing Machine equipped with the computer is highly praised as "Sample-inspecting Machine" of other sample dyeing machines by the customers.

Main Functions:
1. Start Password, to prevent the machine from being operated or read by other people;
2. Various types of voices from low to high and choice of alarming at any time;
3. Choice of rotary direction, rotary speed, direction-change period of the Motor;
4. 64 process curves can be written, and each curve can be divided into 18 steps. The parameter lists in Chinese or English and the curves are displayed, stored and controlled;
5. Ability of amending the mistakes by the computer itself, ensuring the temperature more and more precise in the temp.-keep period/step.