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Zhejiang Textile and Clothing Vocational and Technical College has officially
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On July 10th, with the signing of the cooperation agreement between the Zhejiang sweater industry technology innovation service platform and Zhejiang Textile and Clothing Vocational and Technical College at the Puyuan 320 Creative Plaza workstation, Zhejiang Textile and Clothing Vocational and Technical College officially established a workstation in Puyuan, with a dyeing and finishing innovation research and development center and a creative design center.

At present, the transformation and upgrading of the Puyuan sweater industry is urgent, and the demand for university education and research resources in this industry is naturally increasing. Zhejiang Textile and Clothing Vocational and Technical College has established a workstation in Puyuan, aiming to further solve the problems of technological research and development, creative design, talent cultivation, brand building, and other issues that arise during the transformation and upgrading of the sweater industry. According to Mao Dalong, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the college, after the establishment of the workstation, the college will send relevant professional teachers to serve the Puyuan sweater industry.

According to the agreement, within three years, 320 Creative Plaza will provide two 214 square meter office rooms for the workstation of Zhejiang Textile and Clothing Vocational and Technical College, as well as provide decoration and some office facilities. The college dispatches teachers to provide guidance and contact services for talent cultivation, employee training, and technical services in the sweater industry.


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