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Establishment of the "Industrial Chain Party Building" Alliance
Publisheradmin Release time2023-03-31 15:56:43 Read46times

The "Industrial Chain Party Building" Alliance for Textile Dyeing and Finishing has been officially established, and the Jinjiang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has organized the first meeting of the "Industrial Chain Party Building" Alliance for Textile Dyeing and Finishing. At the meeting, Chen Lianzhi, Deputy Director of the Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Jinjiang City, interpreted the "Implementation Plan for the Three Year Action of the" Industrial Chain Party Building "of non-public enterprises in Jinjiang City"; The leaders of party organizations in various enterprises introduce the progress of party building work, recent party building projects, and next steps around the structure of party branches, party members, and the development of characteristic party building.


The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to fully grasp the existing party building resources of the "Industrial Chain Party Building" alliance, form a mechanism of using big to drive small and strong to drive the standardized development of party organizations in alliance enterprises; We need to strengthen demonstration and leadership, actively carry out the creation of "one chain, one product", widely promote good experiences and practices, and jointly create a party building brand for the textile dyeing and finishing industry chain; We should actively promote party building to lead the development of textile dyeing and finishing enterprises, gather strength on the chain, and promote development together.


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