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China Textile Industry Integration Conference Held in Sheyang
Publisheradmin Release time2023-03-31 16:04:40 Read44times

News from our newspaper (reporter Zhang Wenjing) On March 18, the conference on integration of industrialization and industrialization in China's textile industry was held in Sheyang County. As one of the important industry conferences hosted by the China Textile manufacturing Federation, the conference focused on "Digital transformation, integration and innovation", focusing on the current status and trend of the integration of two industries in China's textile industry, and demonstrating the effectiveness of the integration of new generation information technology and the textile industry. At the meeting, experts interpreted the Three Year Action Plan for Digital transformation of the Textile Industry (2022-2024), and the Digital transformation Development Report of the Textile Industry was released.


Sheyang is a major textile county, with Yancheng Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industrial Park, the only dyeing and finishing characteristic park in northern Jiangsu. At present, there are 54 textile enterprises settled in Sheyang, and it has been successively rated as China's green dyeing and finishing R&D and production base, national intelligent dyeing and printing demonstration park, and Jiangsu textile dyeing and finishing characteristic industrial park.


On the same day, the Information Technology Department of the China Textile manufacturing Federation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Sheyang County government; China Textile Federation awarded Yancheng Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industrial Park "National Textile Industry Internet Pilot Park". The day before last, the unveiling ceremony of the base for the integration of industrialization and industrialization of China's textile industry was held in Yancheng Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industrial Park.


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