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Innovating the entire industry chain from "a single thread" to "a pair of shoes",..
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Beijing, March 29 (Xinhua News Agency) - On March 29, the Xinhua Daily Telegraph published a report titled "Innovation in the Whole Industry Chain from" One Thread of Silk "to" One Pair of Shoes "- Creating an Immutable" Made in China "Advantage Here".


Located in Chendai Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, at the mouth of the Jinjiang River, with an area of less than 40 square kilometers, there are over 3000 shoe companies densely distributed, producing over 1 billion pairs of sports shoes annually. As a result, Jinjiang has become the "Chinese Shoe Capital".


Starting from the family workshops at the beginning of the reform and opening up, they have grown from scratch and have emerged as leading enterprises in industries such as Anta, Tebu, and 361. In 2022, facing multiple impacts from domestic and international markets, the textile and footwear industries in Jinjiang have grown against the trend, with the output value of the footwear industry breaking through 300 billion yuan for the first time, and the textile industry's output value continues to maintain a scale of over 100 billion yuan. In 2022, Anta Sports Goods Co., Ltd. achieved a revenue of 53.651 billion yuan, ranking first in the annual corporate revenue ranking of the Chinese sports footwear and clothing market.


Why is it Jinjiang? Just ten years ago, the sports shoe and clothing industry was in a price war due to overcapacity and high inventory. How did the Jinjiang sports shoe and clothing brand "rebirth"? In recent years, the partial transfer of the footwear and clothing industry chain to Southeast Asia has sparked widespread attention and concern. Does the advantage of "Chinese shoes" still exist? With these questions in mind, we rushed to Jinjiang to investigate.


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