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Analysis and Solution of Common Defects in Dyeing and Finishing Production
Publisheradmin Release time2023-03-31 16:07:36 Read42times

his article introduces the classification and causes of common defects in dyeing and finishing production, and analyzes one by one from the aspects of color quality, internal quality, and other quality aspects, such as color unevenness (color patterns, color spots, color stains), color fastness, fiber damage, elastic loss, warp and weft deviation, sparse and dense path, shrinkage rate, weight, and door width size, as well as the sorting of spots, pilling, and pilling Reasons and solutions for dyeing and finishing defects such as unsatisfactory crepe printing and finishing.


The spinning and weaving processes should be strictly controlled to avoid dyeing and finishing defects caused by different yarn batch numbers; At the same time, suitable dyes, dyeing and finishing auxiliaries, and dyeing equipment should be selected for different fibers and textile varieties, and appropriate process should be carried out to reduce the number of repairs and avoid the occurrence of dyeing and finishing defects.


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