Infrared Sample Dyeing Machine

China Patent No.:ZL99227094.4

Infrared Sample Dyeing Machine of XW-HWR Series, researched and developed successfully by ourselves, is the original product of high precision, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy-saving and advanced patent. The machine has the advantages of fine reappearance andlow liquor ratio 1:5 with level dyeing. There is no lampblack pollution, so the working place will be tidier. Using this machine can not only save about 50% electricity, but also cut off the expense on glycerin. China Patent No.: ZL99227094.4.
The machine adopts intelligent computer of large crystal screen, no grade power-adjusting, which can clearly display, store, control, type as many as 64 process curves and lists in Chinese or English. The software can be updated constantly. The computer also provides the choices of rotational speed, rotational direction, direction-change period and acceleration of the motor, various types of alarm voices from low to high, and several password-setting methods. Besides, the computer has the ability of amending the mistakes by itself.
The dye pots, made of 316L stainless steel boards and sealed by fluoric plastics, are not adherent to colors, thereby the dye pots are easy to rinse.
The machine is the ideal new-generation substitute of the traditional sample dyeing machine, which can replace the imports absolutely. It has gained the Certificate of Quality from Jiangsu Provincial Quality & Technology Supervision Bureau, and the Certificate of High & New-tech Product from Jiangsu Science & Technology Department.

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Working Temp.: Room Temp.--140℃;
2. Capacity of Dye Pot (ml): 150,300,450,500,800;
3. Quantity of Dye Pots: 6, 8, 12, 16, 24;
4. Rate of Temp.-increasing and decreasing:
Within 0.2~4℃/min you'd like;
5. Accuracy of Temp.-controlling: ±0.5℃;
6. Cooling Medium: Air;
7. Power Supply: AC220V 50H.