Intelligent Computer & Circular Flat Moving Type Infrared Sample Dyeing Machine
This machine is equipped with the intelligent computer as well as the Revolving-Type Machine's.Its dyeing cups adopt the unique move form of flat moving in circumferences,which makes dyeing liquid not only flow circularly along the glass cups' walls,but also roll irregularly up and down along the cups.It achieves the effect of level dyeing that the oscillating-type machines can not.Using this machine can hardly feel vibration and hear noise.You can add the dyeing materials without opening the cups'lids or using the one-way valve.High accuracy of temperature-controlling,the machine is especially suitable for the organizations who demand high testing precision,such as scientific research institutes,dyestuff plants,central testing rooms of printing and dyeing mills,etc.

Main Technical Parameters:
Capacity of Dyeing Cup(ml):100,200,250
Quantity of Dyeing Cups: 12
Rate of Temp.-increasing and decreasing: 0.2-3C/min
Working Temp.:Room Temp.-98C
Accuracy of Temp.-controlling: ±0.5C
Power Supply:AC220V 50H