Water-Bathing & Circular Flat Moving Type Sample Dyeing Machine

China Patent No.:  ZL01234495.8

Water-Bathing & Circular Flat Moving Type Sample Dyeing Machine
Though this machine has the similar price compared with the oscillating-type sample dyeing machine, it achieves the effect of even dyeing that the oscillating-type machine can not, and it has the environment-protecting characteristics of little vibration and little noise. Water as heating medium, the machine adopts circular flat moving form, and controls the temperature by numeral temperature-controlling apparatus (You can choose either normal computer or intelligent one). On the basis of high accuracy of temperature-controlling, the machine obtains high working efficiency. For the tests under the same working temperature, the machine can be shared by several people who can put in and take out dye cups in different time according to the demands. It is especially suitable for the tests such as sample dyeing, soap washing, color fastness in the testing rooms of such factories.

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Heating Medium: Water;
2.Working Temp.: Room Temp.--98℃;
3.Capacity of Dye Cup(ml): 100,250, 500;
4.Quantity of Dye Cups: 12, 24;
5.Accuracy of Temp.-controlling: ±0.5℃;
6. Power Supply: AC220V 50H.