Metal Heat-Conduct Sample Dyeing Machine

China Patent:ZL03112911.0      ZL03220189.3

Metal Heat-Conduct Sample Dyeing Machine
Direct Heat-conduct Sample Dyeing Machine, the latest product developed independently by us and originally in the world, which functions just like a revolving electric pressure rice cooker, has changed the heating mode to dye liquor from convection heat-conduct (glycerine, water), electromagnetic radiation heat-conduct (infrared ray) to direct heat-conduct. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of technology of sample dyeing machine. Though the sample dyeing machine of electromagnetic radiation heat-conduct saves more energy by over 40% than the machine of convection heat-conduct, the area it radiates to the frame of machine is much larger than to its dyeing cups, so the temperature of machine frame is so high that there is too much heat lost. However, the working temperature of the heater of Direct Heat-conduct Sample Dyeing Machine is only dozens of degrees to nearly 100C higher than that of its dye liquor, it is much lower than the 1000C of infrared heater, so there is little heat lost. Besides all the advantages of IR Sample Dyeing Machine, the machine still has the following merits:
1. More electricity over 50% saved compared with IR Machine;
2. No deformation of machine frame caused by heat;
3. Preferable working efficiency, reliability, life duration, security compared with IR Machine;
4. Workable for several tests with dye liquors of unequal quantity and different liquor ratios in one test;
5. Workable to put in and take out dye cups in different time in one test;
6. Lower requirements for operating skill and auxiliary facilities compared with IR Machine.
The machine owns brand-new concepts of environmental protection, energy-saving, high efficiency, high precision and multifunction, and it will certainly bring about great economic and social benefits.