Two Set Temperatures & Swinging Type Sample Dyeing Machine
Model XW-BDR Swinging Type Sample Dyeing Machine is successfully developed aiming the disadvantages of oscillating type sample dyeing machine such as the boring vibration and noise and short life. Applying the fundamental of perfect balance of back-and-forth inertial force and adopting the mature structure of symmetrically-installed piston engine and the translational mechanism of four connecting rods, this machine has a much higher max working speed than the oscillating type machine has. The machine functions with little boring vibration and noise, farther improving the even dyeing quality and working life. As a kind of environment-protecting product, it is competent to the entire tasks of oscillating type machine.

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Heating Medium: Water
2. Working Temperature: Room Temp.-98°C
3. Capacity of Dyepot(ml): 100, 250, 300, 500
4. Quantity of Dyepots: 12 and 24
5. Accuracy of Temp.-controlling: ±0.5°C
6. Power Supply for Heating: AC380V50Hz
7. Power Supply for Controlling: AC220V50Hz
8. Swinging Speed: No Grade Adjusting ≤200 times/min
9. provide 500ml and 800ml special specification


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