Silk Sample Dyeing Machine --Normal Temperature Sample Dyeing Machine
Model XW-SQR Sample Silk Dyeing Machine is the new machine model successfully developed according to the special requests of silk fabrics sample dyeing and combining the advantages of up-and-down moving type and revolving type machine. While working, the fabric acts with the complex movement of up-and-down moving and revolving contrasted to the dye liquor. Using this machine can make the difficult silk sample dyeing much easier. It is the most ideal constant temperature sample dyeing machine for fiber, yarn, loose fabrics, etc.

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Heating Medium: Water
2. Working Temperature: Room Temp.-98°C
3. Capacity of Dyepot(ml): 250, 350, 500
4. Quantity of Dyepots: 22
5. Accuracy of Temp.-controlling: ±0.5°C
6. Power Supply for Heating: AC380V50Hz
7. Power Supply for Controlling: AC220V50Hz
8. Up-and-down Moving Speed: No Grade Adjusting from 0-40 times/min
9. Revolving Speed: No Grade Adjusting from 0-200 rpm