(CAPACITY FOR DRY CLOTH:≤10g,200g-5000g)

This machine(XW-DGR Series) is successfully developed according to the customers requests after solving a lot of technological difficuities. Tt adopts the intelligent computer to control water or heat-conductible oil, which increases and decreases the temperature of dye liquor. The dye liquor not onlyrolls radially, but also flows axially. It can do the dyeing tests under each temperature from atmospheric to high, and it can also do the tests such as soap washing, boiling, desizing, color fastness of washing, clothes dyeing. In atmospheric dyeing tests, you can add various agents conveniently at any time without halting the machine. It functions quietly, and it has the advantages of high accuracy of temperature-controlling, good even dyeing, little color difference, high-degree automation.

Main Technical Parameters:
1.Power Supply: AC380V 50H;
2.Heating Power :4~9KW;
3.Accuracy of Temp-controlling under No Grade Power-adjusting: ±0.2℃
4.Dry Cloth Sample Testing Weight Every Time: <10g;200g-2500g,3000g-5000g;
5. Liquor Ratio: 1:10-20;
6.Capacity of Dye Vat: 250ml,300ml,20L,40L,60L,80L, 100L.