All-Match Sample Dyeing Machine

China Patent No.:ZL2008201609125

Type/Model: XW-RDRA
1. Working Temperature: Room Temp. -140℃
2. Accuracy of Temp.-controlling: ±0.3℃;
3. Rate of Temp.-increasing: Within 0.5~4℃/min you' d like;
4. Heating Method: Stepless Power Regulator with inner closed oil heat-conduct;
5. Cooling Method: Air;
6. Volume of Dye Pot: 150rnl, 300rnl;
7. Number of Dye Pots:16,18, 24 (according to the customer' s requirement)
8. Max Heating Power: 3.8KW;
9. Rotary Speed: 20~50RPM(Adjustable)
10. Machine Size: 775rnrn×656mm×1270mm;
11. Weight: 180kg

Concentrating the advantages of oil-bath sample dyeing machine and infrared sample dyeing machine and getting rid of their imperfections. High-degree automation, Easy operation. Low error rate. Not only no lampblack pollution but also saving the expense on glycerin. The temperature of heating source lower by 800°C than that of infrared & oil-bath sample dyeing machine. More energy-saving and lower failure rate.

Luxury Model
Normad Model

Stainless steel cell gets color spraying and beautiful appearance

Stainless steel shell, good leveling and level sample