Situated in Jingjiang Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu Province, the Project of the new site of Jingjiang Xinwang Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Factory will be completed in December 2007. The new site of the factory is to the west of the north bridge approach of Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, and is only not more than 3 kilometer far to the new sites of Jingjiang Municipal People's Government and Jingjiang Municipal People's Hospital under construction. The place is very near to the new urban area of Jingjiang City under planning, and the location is first-class. The construction of our new factory area shows the care of the Party and the Government to the high and new-tech enterprises, and it will certainly further promote the technological innovation and the development pace of the factory. We cordially thank the officials, customers old and new, and friends of various circles of the society who care for or support the development of our factory! We have resolution and confidence to better serve the global textile, dyeing and finishing industry!